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This construction was designed by the Italian architect Joseph De Brita, who also designed other buildings in Miami for 16 years.
Casa Ocean is an example of Art Deco design because it takes us back to the elegance, fashion, and modernism of the 1920s and thanks to this, it is recognized as a project that contributes to highlighting the value of architecture in the Ocean Beach Historic District.
Casa Ocean is in the best possible location, one block from Ocean Drive at the southern end of South Beach. This boutique hotel is renovated in details, to preserve its original design and materials and give it the modern touch of our time.

News Cafe

800 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

An iconic South Beach restaurant that was opened more than three decades ago by Restauranteur Mark Soyka. Items are inspired by Newspapers as an homage to the iconic newsstand that opened in 1988.



All our rooms preserve the spirit and essence of the 1920s. Its Art Deco style, the romanticism of those times with that touch that was once avant-garde and that today thanks to modernity, we can live in a totally new experience.
The spaces and rooms of our hotels have been fully renovated to preserve the original Art Deco design in excellent condition and take advantage of technology and modernity, to create a wonderful, comfortable, safe and cozy environment so your stay is an unforgettable experience.
Our boutique hotels are now contactless, but that also guarantees personalized attention for any service required in your room. This allows us to offer you all the features and benefits of a modern hotel and eliminate all the slow and bureaucratic processes of older hotels. Before arriving, you can inform us of your preferences, service needs and send us your personal documents, so you do not have to wait to be attended. You can go directly to your room and start enjoying yourself.


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