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The best places to live in Florida (and why they like them so much)

The best places to live in Florida (and why they like them so much)

The state of Florida has one of the strongest economies and job markets in the country, thanks to tourism, international trade, agriculture, aviation, and science. At the end of 2021, Florida had the fourth largest economy in the country, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of U$S1,226,298 billion and a state budget of U$S101.5 billion. In addition, in that same year it received 122.4 million visitors, which marked a record.

Florida is a very popular place to live due to its warm weather, beaches, mobility, and the presence of Disneyland and other parks, of course. But it also offers other lesser-known benefits, such as affordable property, tax breaks, and asset protection.

When it comes to real estate, Florida is a very attractive place to buy a home, as the real estate market is booming and prices remain affordable compared to other states in the northern and western US. The average home price is U$S 348,000 and the large amount of land and low cost of living make it a very attractive place for many people.

Additionally, Florida is one of only seven states that have no individual income tax, which means that people who reside there do not have to pay that tax. There’s also no estate tax and there’s asset protection, which means residents don’t have to worry about losing their assets in the event of a lawsuit.

If you are looking for a place to live in Florida with a low and affordable cost of living, some of the most affordable counties are Suwannee, Bradford, Jacksonville, and Pensacola. These places offer an average annual cost of living between U$S 65,400 and U$S 65,800.

What are the safest cities in Florida?

Safety is a fundamental aspect when looking for a new city to live in, so we have compiled a ranking with the six safest counties in Florida.

The first place goes to Sanibel, a city located on the Gulf coast of southwestern Florida. Its crime rate is 63.13% below the national rate, and it has the second lowest rate of violent crimes, having registered only two crimes in the last year.

In second place is Key Biscayne, one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami, especially for families. It offers many excellent local restaurants and opportunities for outdoor activities such as visiting the lighthouse, biking and playing with the children in the local park. In this case, the statistics indicate 73.21% below the state rate.

Third, we have LongBoat Key, whose numbers reflect 70.34% below the national crime rate. It is a small town located in Manatee and Sarasota counties, with several public and private beaches that attract new residents and tourists.

In fourth position is Tequesta, a town with more than six thousand inhabitants located in Palm Beach County. Its main tourist hotspot is Coral Cove Park, a large park next to a beach, and only two violent crimes were recorded last year. In addition, it is 77.48% below the state crime rate.

To the south of the city of Naples, is Marco Island, which has beaches and many tourist centers, discovering an urban environment with high security rates. It is 77.66% below the national crime rate and 78.48% below the state rate.

Finally, in the fifth position we have Satellite Beach, which obtained three violent and 41 non-violent crimes in the last year. It is positioned 84.70% below the national crime rate.

The best places to live in Florida

According to research conducted by Wallet Hub, the state of Florida came in seventh place. This is the ranking of the best places in the state.

Orlando: is a large city with a population of 257,000. It has become one of the top tourist attractions in the state, and the cost of living remains surprisingly affordable. Living there offers residents a mixed urban-suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. In addition, it has a wide variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and parks.

Tallahassee: The cost of living in Tallahassee is 5% lower than the state’s average and 4% lower than the national average. Housing is 10% cheaper than the US average, while utilities are 13% less expensive. Compared to other places, it offers many opportunities.

Davie: is thirty minutes from Miami. Its population reflects a great cultural diversity, thanks to the Latino population. It is characterized by offering a high quality of life. Household income is an average of U$S59,000. It is a popular city, far from the metropolitan area.

Fort Myers: Similar in appearance to Florida cities like Naples and Sarasota, but more affordable. The cost of living is 6% lower than the state average. And, the average home price is U$S160,800. This is U$S 6,000 less than the Florida average. In addition, it has been named one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

Valrico: Located in Hillsborough County, it is one of the best places to live in Florida. It offers residents a mixed rural-suburban feel. Most of its inhabitants own their homes. The crime rate in Valrico is one of the lowest rates in America among communities of all sizes. On the other hand, the closest beach (Clearwater Beach) is 62.76 kilometers away by car. Additionally, the average household income has grown exponentially over the past two decades, and currently stands at U$S 70,732.


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