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Messi effect: Inter Miami is already the fifth sports team with the most followers in the US

Messimanía has achieved something incredible for sports in the United States, making Inter Miami the fifth team with the most followers on Instagram. Messi + Miami, it is already called Messiami, or also the #MessiEffect or Messimania, and it is already a factor of cultural, economic and sports weight not only in Florida or Miami, but throughout the country and the entire continent of America, because today the greatest soccer star, the most beloved, the most popular, plays in the MLS.

Messi, the player most wanted by brands, and the most attractive personality for all media outlets, has generated that in a country that did not have great expectations when talking about soccer teams and league level, today he is the center of the world’s attention.

Miami is eagerly awaiting for Messi: “As we prepare to welcome him to MLS, Lionel Messi is currently on an Asian tour with the Argentina national team,” is the buzz in the halls of Inter.

Inter Miami has just achieved 8 million followers and Messi hasn’t even played yet.

From 1 to 8 million followers in less than a week, this is how many followers Inter Miami has gained thanks to Leo Messi. An impact that is not only coming to American soccer, but also to American sports in general.

After the Warriors, the Lakers, the Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, Inter Miami is already the fifth power in followers and continues to grow day by day.

What are the most followed American sports teams on Instagram?

Speaking of American sports teams, there are many that come to mind and they are very popular. However, there are only four of them who have more followers on Instagram than Inter Miami. In fourth place, we have the Chicago Bulls with 9.7 million followers. In third place are the Cleveland Cavaliers with 15.7 million. In second place, we have the Los Angeles Lakers with 22.8 million. And first, we have the Golden State Warriors with 30.6 million followers as of Tuesday, June 13. All of them are NBA teams, Inter Miami is the only soccer team in the top five. Notably, no MLB or NFL team has made the list.

This is just the beginning:

On Monday the 12th from Miami we reported in this note that Inter had already reached 4 million followers and that it was the MLS team with the most fans.

Inter Miami CF becomes the team with the most followers in MLS (after Messi’s announcement)

Despite already reaching impressive numbers on Instagram, there is a strong possibility that the team will continue to increase their number of followers as Leo Messi’s debut date approaches. Few athletes have the level of influence and popularity that Messi possesses. MLS was very lucky that Leo Messi accepted his invitation to play in the United States. What we all adapt to, we ask is how Messi will be to a team that was almost at the bottom of the table in its Eastern Conference. It is a happy huge challenge for Messi that he will accept.


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