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Miami shouts Messi’s goal in China: How many shirts will Adidas sell in the world thanks to the Argentine star?

Just a few weeks after confirming his arrival in the MLS in the United States to play for Inter Miami and after two tumultuous years at Paris Saint-Germain, the Rosario native manages to win with the Argentine national team in China against Australia, is so celebrated in Miami, as in Argentina itself and in China itself. Messimania in Messiami is already crazy.

And even better, Messi scores a fantastic goal and sets a new record for fastest goal in his football career. This impacts Miami and China directly.

Enzo Fernández recovers the ball and passes it to the captain, who with a powerful left-footed shot from the edge of the area scores the opening goal, making the score 1-0.

The world celebrates, the world’s TV is euphoric and Adidas even more!

900 million viewers in China follow this game, Miami tbecomes a TV turned city and the same throughout the world enjoying this Messimania (love for a humble, talented, generous leader).

Cheers, shouts, songs, an intense noise in China, as if it were Buenos Aires. At the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, the Chinese crowd enthusiastically witnesses the game of the Argentine national team, and all wearing the Adidas jersey of the Argentine national team. It took Lionel Messi just a minute and a half to gift them with a sensational goal in the friendly match against Australia, setting a new personal record for fastest goal of his career.

But what everyone expects, how many shirts Adidas sells in the world thanks to Messi?

Look here this detailed report that we were able to achieve from Miami, after a series of notes about the masterful move by Adidas in sponsoring Messi and the Argentine team in the World Cup in Qatar:

World Cup: Nike vs Adidas, who will win the cup in front of more than 5,000 million spectators?

Now, is there a consolidated number worldwide of how many original Argentina shirts Adidas has sold since the last World Cup?

The German brand is super reserved, the calculations are very difficult, we can affirm that the shirt with the three stars is constantly missing even in Argentina, and that its value ranges from U$S 110 (in Argentina at the official value), up to U$S 150 in Arab countries where it is highly valued.

The numbers are unthinkable. Before the World Cup final, Argentina had surpassed the sales record of 2,300,000 million original shirts (approved before the final) and this number in recent months has multiplied geometrically throughout the world.

But Argentina, Messi and Adidas are a special phenomenon. They are a passion all over the world, wherever it is… and in Miami it is already a super passion.

A goal that was heard throughout Miami

Leo’s 103rd goal in the Argentinian shirt comes after just 81 seconds of play: yes, it only took 81 seconds for the man with the number 10 on his back to achieve another milestone in his illustrious career.

As of June 15, 2023, Leo’s personal best was 127 seconds in a Champions League game between Barcelona and Chelsea in 2018. With the national team, his previous fastest goal was against Nigeria in 2014. How long did it take almost a decade ago? Two minutes and 26 seconds.

Messi arrives in Miami at the best moment

In total, Messi has scored five goals in the first three minutes of a match in his career. The first came almost 13 years ago, on August 29, 2010, against Racing Santander. Then, against Nigeria representing Argentina. Two years later, on September 13, 2016, he scored one of Barcelona’s seven goals against Celtic. After the previous fastest goal against Chelsea, he scored another after two minutes against Slavia Prague (2-1) on October 23, 2019.

Here’s another spectacular fact: Messi only needed to score a goal in the first minute of a match, that is, before the 60th minute. He only needed one goal in the second minute, and he did it this Thursday in Beijing. He has scored goals in minutes 45+1, 45+2, 45+3, 90+1, 90+2, 90+3, 90+4, 90+5, 90+12 and 110. Impressive.

However, this morning’s record in Argentina is not the best for La Scaloneta. On November 20, 2018, Mauro Icardi scored the first goal, one minute and 11 seconds away, in Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Mexico in a friendly match played in Mendoza.

This time, it was a quick, surgical and precise move. Australia made a mistake in their build under pressure from Enzo Fernandez, who won the ball back, advanced a few yards and passed it to his right to Messi who subtly touched the ball with his magical left foot, sending it into goalkeeper Mathew Ryan’s right corner, after skimming the large area. Great goal, celebration and joy in that stadium that is so similar to Lusail, where Leo and his companions were so happy just seven months ago.

In fact, with 10 goals in the last 7 games, La Pulga, at 36 years old, is going through his best scoring streak in the Argentine team.


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