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The second edition of the most exciting sporting event arrives: F1

May will be a spectacular month to visit Miami. Why? The second edition of the Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix will return to Florida on May 7, 2023!

Miami will undergo big changes, in order to receive F1 2023, an ideal event for the corporate world, but also for friends, and why not, family too. It will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium complex, in a unique setting, at the home of the famous NFL franchise, the Miami Dolphins.

It is an amazing event to witness, if you are planning to come to Florida, we really recommend you coming on this date, and if you are not planning to come yet, we suggest you start inviting your friends and booking your tickets.

F1 in Miami will have major improvements to its facilities this year, including the resurfacing of its track and the relocation of the Formula 1 paddock to the interior of the Hard Rock Stadium.

But also, the setting of Miami as a host for F1 is unbeatable. Its climate, its infinite possibilities of access, its geography, the gastronomic services, the joy of the public, F1 in Miami, is simply not to be missed.

One of the biggest changes is the decision to move the F1 teams’ hospitality zone inside the football field, instead of being crowded outside like last year.

A new three-story, 190,000-square-foot Paddock Club hospitality area will also be built in time for the race weekend, May 5-7.

Following problems with the track surface at last year’s inaugural Miami GP, the circuit has contracted renowned firm Tilke to lay new asphalt ahead of this year’s race.

Tom Garfinkel, managing partner of the Miami GP, believes the new surface will help improve overtaking’s opportunities, despite last year’s race already seeing 45 breakthroughs overtaking’s.

“We could have gone back to last year’s circuit,” he explained. “The goal we set for ourselves was to have great races and a lot of overtaking’s, side-by-side racing,” he added.

“The tracks used last year had parts where there was a line where there should have been a chance to overtake. We’re not happy about that. So, we’re going to make an investment to resurface it, in an effort to improve the racing. According to the teams and the drivers, it ran quite well, but we want it to be as good as possible,” said Garfinkel.

Throughout the month of March, we will be talking about this test and the best options to buy tickets and stay, and throughout April there will be a special on the competition teams.


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