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Which are the happiest countries in the world?

Which are the happiest countries in the world? 

The UN has just given its new report regarding the happiest countries in the world. The ranking is led by the Nordic countries and this is due to the excellence of their  institutions, society and state administration. As of these results, a very old myth has been taken down, since the happiest countries are of cold climates, contrary to the popular belief that warm weather countries are happier.

The UN’s “World Happiness Report” is based on a worldwide survey on the happiness and subjective well-being of citizens in different countries.

The survey focuses on several key factors, such as the economy, health, education, quality of life, freedom, corruption, and generosity. Other important aspects are also taken into account, such as social cohesion, interpersonal trust, healthy life expectancy, impeccability of public administration, social culture and freedom of personal choice.

The results of the survey are used to compile a ranking of countries according to their level of happiness, which is published in the annual report. The idea behind this is to provide political leaders and society in general with reliable information on how to improve the quality of life and well-being in their countries.

The ranking has been published since 2013 and has been published every March 20th, as part of the celebration of World Happiness Day.

Listed above are the happiests countries:

Finland (with 7,804 points, it reappears in first place in the ranking, with 2023 being the sixth consecutive year in this position)

Denmark (7,586 points)

Iceland (7,530 points)

Israel (7,473 points)

Netherlands (7,403 points)

Sweden (7,395 points)

Norway (7,315 points)

Switzerland (7,240 points)

Luxembourg (7,228 points)

New Zealand (7,123 points)

In America, the countries are listed as follows:

Canada (6,961 points, ranked 13)

United States (6,894 points)

Costa Rica (6,609 points)

Uruguay (6,494 points)

Chile (6,334 points)

Mexico (6,330 points)

Panama (6,265 points)

Colombia, a country that was listed as the happiest in the world in 2021, according to the Gallup International organization, had a great setback in this new ‘ranking’, ranking 72nd with 5,630 points. 

It is true that many of the countries that are at the top of the “World Happiness Report” ranking are Northern European countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. However, there are also other countries in other parts of the world that are at the top of the ranking, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

The happiness of a country does not depend exclusively on its geographical location or its level of economic development. In fact, there are many complex factors that influence a country’s happiness and ranking position. Some of these factors include quality of life, security, access to education and health, gender equality, political and economic stability, and social solidarity, among others.

As for why the countries of Africa and South America are not at the top of the ranking, there are several possible reasons. In some cases, these countries may be dealing with social, economic, or political problems that affect their well-being and happiness, such as poverty, violence, political instability, or lack of access to basic services.

It is also important to note that the measurement of happiness is a complex and subjective subject, and it can be difficult to measure accurately in different cultures and contexts. Therefore, the “World Happiness Report” ranking should be taken as a valuable tool to better understand the factors that influence happiness, but not as the only measure of a country’s well-being and happiness.


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